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Mobile App

Easy to use mobile app for quick access to the daily schedule and dictating into the app

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Desktop App

Desktop application for a comprehensive view of each claim and its journey from start to finish

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Built-in Secured and HIPAA compliant workflows and information architecture

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Dedicated and Certified Transcriptionist for a quick turn around

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Clear visibility on AR with drill-down features to identify root causes

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Most informative and transparent reporting that provide actionable insights

About RevvPro

RevvPro Evolution

Medical billing for healthcare providers is complex, and the old billing methods are now obsolete, with increased demands around documentation, compliance, and reduced reimbursements “THE FUTURE OF RCM” has evolved. Powered by ai, machine learning, and robotic process automation, RevvPro has addressed the severe shortage of certified medical billing staff and provides the missing transparency into real-time data such as claim status, denials using automation. All from a smartphone or desktop. The future of RCM, with RevvPro, answer your issues for proper reimbursement.

How it Works?

Facilities are currently using different systems for practice management and EMR/EHR. They can continue to do so if they are comfortable using their current software systems. RevvPro sits like a blanket on top of their existing systems and extracts the needed information to provide transparency to the providers. RevvPro can be accessed by different functions with your revenue cycle team to seamlessly manage their respective workflows and processes. Every claim is tracked correctly right from the first stage till the time it gets paid.

RevvPro Features

RevvPro provides actionable intelligence to Providers through an advanced and easy-to-use RCM Mobile App backed with RCM experts. The app interfaces with provider’s existing systems (PMS, EMR & EHR) so that they do not have to work out of multiple software systems for their documentation and Accounts Receivables requirements.

    Built keeping in mind current challenges providers face with respect to complex documentation and lack of clear AR visibility.

    It eliminates provider's compulsion to access multiple platforms to perform daily tasks.

    The provider dictates into RevvPro Mobile App and approves the transcription and coding. Experienced and certified resources manage the entire back-office operations at RevvPro.

    It provides built-in templates to choose from depending on the type of patient visit.

    A state-of-the-art mobile app that provides the daily scheduled appointments and the chief complaint.

    A system built with HL7 interfaces to integrate with existing PMS / EMR / EHR.

    Integrated clearinghouse for electronic eligibility verification, claims processing, and payment posting.

    The provider dashboard is updated on a real-time basis.

Key Challenges addressed through use of ai

Seamless Documentation

There are a lot of software solutions in the market that currently transcribes voice to text. However, this is an incomplete process as transcriptionist still must manually input the text into the EMR. RevvPro AI Algorithm has been built to address this issue. As soon as the voice is converted to text, the system would auto-populate the selected template in RevvPro and update the respective fields in EMR, thereby eliminating the manual step. A quality analyst would then verify the information for accuracy.

Medical Coding

Traditionally Medical Coding was being done by a Medical Coder by Manually going through Clinical Documentation. This is leading to errors and affecting facility reimbursement. Moreover, using the right code to get the correct reimbursement and avoiding over coding or under coding is also something medical coders need to keep in mind. RevvPro AI engine solves this problem by crawling into the clinical documentation and highlighting the valid codes that need to be used and populate the Coding fields (CPT and Diagnosis Codes).

Accurate Billing

Traditionally billing was done manually then moved to electronic. How do you know in "real-time" the status of your claim? Currently, a biller would only know that the claim is rejected at the clearinghouse or denied by the payor after a certain period resulting in increasing the average AR days. RevvPro's AI engine crawls into the patient records and automatically generates the claim file and alerts the biller in case of missing information before the batch is sent to the clearinghouse to avoid rejections and denials. RevvPro also provides predictive information on how much will be realized and within how many days in case of clean claims.

Receivables Management

This is one of the most neglected processes in HealthCare RCM as it involves a lot of manual effort, and facilities today do not have the bandwidth to manage this with limited resources. A lot of time is spent just to identify an underpaid claim. Facilities are also taking whatever money is being reimbursed, resulting in loss of revenue. RevvPro AR & Denial Management AI Algorithm checks every EOB received from the insurance with available fee schedules and reports out whether the claim is denied, underpaid, or overpaid, resulting in providing transparency in your AR.

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